How to assemble industrial aluminum profiles to be firm

Posted time:2022-04-06 Page View:618

The assembly of industrial aluminum profiles is mainly the connection between profiles and profiles to connect them into objects such as frames or platforms. When they are connected together, they need to use some fastening accessories to reinforce them and make them fully fastened together, which will use corner pieces, brackets, screws, etc. Put the corner piece or bracket into the profile connection slot, and then lock it with the corresponding screw.

In addition to external assembly to connect industrial aluminum profiles, internal accessories are sometimes used to connect, such as built-in connectors. As a component used to connect two sections of profiles internally, the built-in connection makes the finished profile stronger.

Can the connection method of aluminum profiles be chosen at will?

There are many ways to connect industrial aluminum profiles, such as corner connection, hexagon socket bolt connection, built-in connection, anchor connection pin connection and so on. So can the connection method of industrial aluminum profiles be chosen at will? The answer is no.

1. If the panel is to be installed on the aluminum profile frame, the connection method cannot be selected at will. Generally, socket head bolts or anchor pin connections are used.

2. Industrial aluminum profiles have many specifications and slot widths, and the aluminum profile accessories used are also different, so the connection methods of industrial aluminum profiles may also be different, and of course they cannot be chosen at will.

3. The materials used for industrial aluminum profile accessories are also different, and the weight they can bear is also different. To select industrial aluminum profile accessories according to the load-bearing capacity of the aluminum profile frame, the connection methods used are also different.